Lakeside Casting Solutions


Lakeside Casting Solutions: A full service zinc diecasting company

2 Lakeside Drive
Monroe City, MO 63456
tel: 573-735-2426
fax: 573-735-1709

Lakeside Casting Solutions specializes in high-pressure zinc die casting. Our proven processes offer our valued customers consistent, quality components. We also offer post operations and assembly, as well as plating and coating. LCS combines experience, value, communication and flexibility to form partnerships with our customers. We understand the competitive marketplace hurdles facing our customers and use our extensive resources to develop specific solutions. LCS is ISO certified and a is a proud member of the North American Die Casting Association.

  • LCS can produce parts from .5 grams to 2 pounds
  • Net shape, flash free components
  • Complex geometry parts produced with high precision
  • Consistent part quality
  • In-die de-gating and automatic separation of parts from runners availalbe
  • Elimination/reduction of secondary operations
  • Cast materials: Zamak 2,3,4,5,7, ZA8 & Ezac