Tecnodin S.L.


High Quality Operating Elements and Industrial Components

C/Cobalt 42-08940
Cornella de Llobregat (Spain)
toll free (from USA): 877-522-4484

Tecnodin S.L. has been designing, manufacturing, and commercializing high quality operating elements and industrial components for more than 50 years. Our standard product line includes METRIC and UNC products. We also manufacturer custom parts to meet our customer’s needs.

The tolerance of the metric insert threads and studs are tested with 6h and 6H gauges, respectively. The tolerance of the UNC inches insert threads and studs are tested with 2A and 2B gauges, respectively.

We work continuously with the objective of guaranteeing our customer’s satisfaction, offering new designs with optimum quality and outstanding service. All catalog items are in stock and we have a team of highly trained engineers that can design and manufacturer customized items to meet your needs with minimum quantities.

We are continuously working with quality standards according to our Quality Management System.



  • Phenolic
  • Din 319 Phenolic


  • ITAL Phenolic
  • Plain Phenolic
  • Phenolic Ball
  • Phenolic Oval
  • Phenolic Tapered
  • Knurled
  • Phenolic Lid
  • Star-Stub Phenolic
  • Forza Phenolic
  • Din 6335 & 6336 Phenolic
  • CL & SZ Phenolic
  • Phenolic Three Prong
  • MTC Thermoplastic
  • Starplast Thermoplastic
  • Phenolic Tapered Hand
  • BR Phenolic Hand
  • LGN Plastic
  • Contact Thermoplastic Knob for Hexagonal Nut/Screw
  • Contact Thermoplastic
  • Safety Knobs


  • Bibola
  • Fixed & Giratory
  • Revolving Plain
  • Solid Phenolic
  • Thermoplastic
  • MGM Tubular Bridge
  • Thermoplastic with thru hole
  • ED Phenolic
  • Thermoplastic Adjustable


Hand Wheels

  • Phenolic Four Spoke Hand Wheel
  • Solid Phenolic Hand Wheel
  • Q Phenolic Hand Wheel
  • Six Phenolic Hand Wheel
  • Valve Phenolic Hand Wheel


  • Thermoplastic Fixed Feet
  • Thermoplastic Adjustable Feet
  • Thermoplastic Adjustable Feet with thru holes
  • Adjustable Feet Stainless-Steel Stud
  • Adjustable Feet With Steel or Stainless Steel Stud
  • Adjustable Feet for Heavy Loads
  • Adjustable Feet with Asymmetrical Base
  • Adjustable Feet with Polymide Base and Stud
  • Steel or Stainless-Steel Feet
  • Steel or Stainless-Steel Feet with Holes

Tube Ends

  • Round Threaded Tube Ends
  • Square Threaded Tube Ends
  • Rectangular Threaded Tube Ends