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Rotor Clip is the global leader in the manufacture of retaining rings, constant section rings, spiral rings, wave springs and self-compensating hose clamps. Certified to ISO/TS 16949:2002, Rotor Clip produces the highest quality product and offers support to the marketplace before and after the sale by providing technical assistance, product training, and cost-reduction programs, along with competitive pricing and just in time delivery.

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Quality Certifications

ISO 9001 & TS 16949
AS 9100

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  • Axially Assembled Internal Inch
  • Axially Assembled External Inch
  • Axially Assembled Internal Metric
  • Axially Assembled External Metric
  • Radially Assembled External Inch & JIS
  • Radially Assembled External Metric
  • Self Locking Internal/External Inch
  • Self Locking Internal/External Metric
  • Axially Assembled Internal ANSI Metric
  • Axially Assembled External ANSI Metric
  • Radially Assembled External ANSI Metric
  • Spiral Rings
  • Wave Springs
  • Internal Inch Constant Section
  • External Inch Constant Section
  • Internal Metric Constant Section
  • External Metric Constant Section
  • Hose Clamps- Single Wire, Double Wire, Constant Tension Band Clamps, Contstant Tention Light Clamps, Pre-Opened Clamps.
  • Also applicators, dispensers, retaining ring kits, pliers, pneumatic tools, hose clamp tooling